digital marketing services

digital marketing services

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When you hire our team members for the Digital Marketing services, you're going to hire an expert for different types of digital marketing strategies. we work with businesses and individuals to visualize business goals and help create demand for products and services with complex marketing strategies. Firstly ,everything starts with a friendly consult, free of charge. This allows our team to pinpoint your businesses special needs and goals.Once we have established if you're interested in what we have to offer we will draft up a proposal. The proposal is what will state the work required by us as the digital marketing team, what is required to begin work, as well as a quote on our fees for services. once both parties agree to the terms of the proposal we draft up a retainer contract and get to work!.

general monthly retainer contract -$200

digital marketing plan includes:

website optimization, SEO, email marketing, video marketing, content marketing via; facebook, twitter, instagram., social media marketing including running ad campaigns on facebook, instagram, twitter, PPC, google ads bing ads, all while using time effectively for maximum performance.